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Why I'm Here

I'm Adria, the owner of Empowerment Mentoring & I'm elated to welcome you into our virtual home. I’m so freaking happy you are here! I hope you feel loved, uplifted and ready to follow your deepest joy. 


The focus of my of my work is to help you break free from external expectations and create alignment with your deepest truth. You are your most powerful healer, the work I do gives you tools to help guide you back into alignment with your most authentic self. I provide mentoring, energy work, card readings and other intuitive modalities . Together we will break through the societal "norms", expectations or belief systems holding you back from the life of your dreams. Empowerment mentoring services include empowerment of all areas in life: self-love, self-development, love of your body, career, love life etc.


I want nothing more in this world to help others live the life of their dreams and fulfill their deepest desires in this lifetime.


What brought me here? Well love, I’ve walked through the flames of self-discovery many times over in this lifetime and know what it’s like to feel exhausted, burnt out and tired of living the life I’d worked so hard to build but didn't actually want. Once I realized my life was built on other people’s dreams and expectations for me, my whole world started to shift. Now I walk in full alignment with my truth and have never been more fulfilled. I deeply love guiding others through this work, this is what I’m here to do.


Please, sit back, get comfy and take a look around, I know you’re going to love it here! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me





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